Do you wish to extend your warehouse with a storage platform and use the storage space underneath efficiently? With the honeycomb rack, a quick-access rack, we offer you the perfect solution for the storage of your material and steel. It is ideal for large halls and also low storerooms and can therefore be adapted to your special requirements.

Very simple in design and small in size to hold books.  Can be held big books and heavy in weights to free our hands.  Available in all colors and cost effective.  Replacement for wooden book stands which are cost expensive in nature.  

Children Study table, water-resistant  is added advantage in honeycomb design, durable, able to dismantle and assemble in few seconds.  Never occupy space.  Light in weight but strong in strength.

Center Table with circle top as wonderful in design which can be utilized in all sizes of  halls, reception centers, welcome rooms, VIP guest rooms. Available in all colors and sizes

Honeycomb chairs weighing just less than 2 kg widely being supplied  to kinder gardens.  No Hap-hazardous, easy to dismantle, durable, light weight which never makes injury to children in classrooms.

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